We tried out the requirements for the IDPA parkour Training Level at the park today. Lots of fun. Wasps were TERRIBLE. He ate a few. They seem to have been dead before they went down...

I'm not sure if these videos are good enough, we'll await word from someone who knows:

4 feet on -
Apparently I have no idea of how long 5 seconds is.

Paws up -

Under -

Through/Between -

In -

Balance -

Creativity -

And - nope, little things that need to be different. We'll try again. It would be fun to have a title before 6 months, even if it's a "training" title.

Then we went to a new class in a new place. He was excited to be there, but didn't really have any difficulty paying attention. A bit more trouble when the other dogs were moving, but that's to be expected. We had an opportunity to play in class and he was happy to chase a ball but acted as though I was embarrassing him slightly when I tried to play with a toy with him. We'll work on that.