I needed another video for class this morning, so Spider volunteered again. Teaching him to love fast and accurate retrieving. No, not the finished product, but a great beginning. What a fun puppy!


For lunch we worked on going in a crate. Yes, he does this every night, and yes he's good in it, but we still need to be sure we have a sound behaviour. Syn can't stay in a soft crate - she doesn't hate crates, she just doesn't see any reason why she should stay in one she knows she can get out of with very little effort. That's because I took it for granted. I want a "horse" that can be "ground-tied". I want Spider to KNOW what a crate means!

I shaped him into the crate - the crate he came in. The crate that was ridiculously large because of the stupid airline rule that he had to be able to stand up in it without his head touching the roof. Well, he has to crouch to get in the door, and it's not easy for him to turn around in it now.

Anyway, shaped him into the crate. When he was going in regularly I started telling him that's called Hit The Rack. After a bit I started working on duration in the crate. I don't think he realized what was going on, but I got him up to 8 seconds before he came wandering out looking for a treat. Once he pushed the door shut, which frustrated him so he whacked it with his paw, bounced it open, and walked in. Good session.