Surgical time out

The good news - I got a new shoulder joint.

The bad news - I can't possibly do anything but warehouse and screech at a 90-pound 10-month-old Giant puppy while trying desperately not to move my arm and guarding it to be sure it doesn't go in a naughty direction (because if it dislocates we have to start all over again). I wasn't ready to do anything sensible but fortunately friend Dawn suggested I send him out for a board-and-train with friend Barbara ( By the time I was out of the hospital, I was more than ready and Barbara agreed to keep him until I get the green light from my surgeons to use my shoulder normally. The more I think about this the more grateful I am to both Dawn and Barb, because I can't think that Serra and I would have come out of this with any kind of positive relationship if I was trying to keep us both sane and safe while not being functional enough to actually think or walk around.

And while I'm thinking about this, I'm so thankful that his training is 100% non-physical, which means that any control comes from his brain and not from me yanking him around, so the only danger we'd be dealing with would be his 10-mo baby brain and momentary excitement. Can't wait to get him home! (and to be able to drive again, and to be able to move my arm without taking a pill first, and to walk outside without having a bodyguard on either side of me, and to sleeping in a bed instead of a recliner... )


This morning we tried some nosework. He was thrilled to smell the tea and started bopping the container (yes, I used a container) immediately. Got a couple of treats for that, then I shut him in the bathroom and started hiding it. He got the easy ones immediately so I started asking for a down as an indicator when he found it. That confused the very heck out of him. Finally he lost his brain completely looking for an easy hide. When he couldn't find it, he offered me a down! Down, right! I got him up and showed him the hide and then quit.

Did a some retrieving - excellent. Last time we worked he couldn't get it unless it was in the middle of the room, but today my first toss went under the coffee table and he went right under after it with no trouble. I did some holdbacks that really got his adrenalin up (that's good to know), yet he remembered to hold the thing with me when he brought it back. Good boy!

Then, while he was feeling spunky and I had salmon treats, we did some food follows in heel position. I tried them yesterday with kibble and got zip, but this worked great. I got some strut step in the tiny length of my parlour. That adds a little enthusiasm to MY thoughts on the subject as well!