He CAME when I called!

Wonderful run this morning - the weather is crisp and the dogs are feeling good. Spider was ranging out a bit farther from the Gator than usual and found where I had thrown the deer pelvis he found a week or so ago, and I SAID NO AND HE CAME AWAY FROM IT!! I didn't even yell, I just said NO! Gave him a bit of wiener when he came back to me, what a good puppy! And then as we were going along on the outside of the pasture fence, the llamas came over to see what was going on. He ducked through the fence into the pasture heading straight for them. I called him back and HE CAME! OK, I had to call him twice, but still. GOOD PUPPY!

We finished up a relaxed day with some dumbbell work and then stacking and stretching on the TotoPawds.

Oh - and then I finally admitted that I'm not going to be able to keep up his stripping until I get my new shoulder in March, so I shaved him. I'm hoping I can card his coat as it's growing in and end up with him in a nice hard show coat by the time his front legs and ears pull themselves together. My, big fella, what great thighs you have!