Spider is a Giant Schnauzer. I'm so excited (and exhausted) to be sharing my life with a Giant again. I knew I missed them but I didn't realize how much until I could once again reach out my hand and find a huge brick-shaped head and a coat harsh enough to clean your boots.

I've got a million plans for the "little" fella, but for now he's in kindergarten, learning to take naps and play well with others. We're working our way through Level 1 of the Training Levels book (see over there on the right where it says SHOP PRINTED BOOKS and SHOP EBOOKS?). His training blog is over there too - Ballad of Serenity.

For far the little (why do I keep calling him that? 15 weeks, 42 pounds, 22" tall) monkey is smart and funny and cute. Syn loves him. They rip and wrestle all day long. Stitch does not. He bites her tail and sits on her head.

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Mom Rumba is a Jill-of-all-trades, working in conformation, obedience, barn hunt, rally, dock diving, and coursing ability. And she's gorgeous.

Dad Ty, as I write this, is the #1 conformation dog, all breeds, in the United States.

Little Man has some big paws to step into - and so far his own paws appear to be plenty big!

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Shhhhhh, he finally fell asleep!