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Sue Ailsby

(aka Sue Eh)

About Sue

I’m Sue Ailsby, AKA Sue Eh?

As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to spend my life with dogs. Early on, I heard one of my mentors say, with respect, of another person, “He’s a dogman!”

That’s what I wanted. I wanted to be a dogman.

And lo and behold, here I am! Granted, not a man, but a dogman, nevertheless.

Training Levels I + II

What behaviours does a “professional” dog know that an “amateur” dog doesn’t? What training do excellent pets, excellent show dogs, excellent sport dogs, and excellent working dogs have in common?

What foundation behaviours will give a trained dog the enthusiasm and ability to earn a beginning title in any sport with a month of extra practise? How do you break these behaviours down into easily-trained pieces?

This amazing 2-volume set of working manuals clearly illustrates and explains the answers to these questions and will guide you in your search for better understanding of and a better bond with your canine companions.

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