7 Weeks 3 Days-First Date

Aug 29, 2004 | Stitch's Story

We start getting to know each other. There’s a huge lawn with a lake at the end of it. We go for walks and Scuba shows her how to go in the water. She goes in until her elbows are wet, what a trouper! Elaine’s been calling them with the traditional puppy call – “Puppy, puppy puuppyyy!” – and she comes very well to it. Loves her food. Runs into things full speed. Once she grabbed her front foot as it went by her face. Unfortunately she was running at the time, and her foot threw her. Made her mad and she ran sideways for a few steps. When she doesn’t get what she wants, she yelps and barks and howls.

Today I notice that she’s almost exactly the same colour as Scuba. THAT is how important colour is – didn’t even notice it until the second day. Hope she keeps the amount of white she’s got. Scuba lost a lot of hers.

I dream about the plane ride home. I’ve got a puppy carrier for her so she can go under the seat like carry-on luggage. I dream that she starts screeching on the plane. Everybody’s glaring at me, Scuba moves to the floor in front of someone else’s seat and denies that she came on the plane with us. Finally I give the puppy some pretzels to shut her up. She develops diarrhea from the pretzels and sprays it all over the plane, still screeching. When I wake up I’m all sweaty but I’m still in love.