7 Weeks 4 Days- Coming Home

Aug 30, 2004 | Stitch's Story

And as it turns out, she sleeps all the way home, snug in her puppy carrier with toys and a blanket smelling like her littermates. Several times I reach in to make sure she’s OK, to find her fast asleep on her back with a toy in her arms.

Late night – Ron’s put a sign on the kitchen counter – Welcome Home Stitch! He’s also changed the dog doors from the large, heavy Giant Schnauzer doors to middle-sized, softer, easier ones, and built some little stairs so the puppy can reach the doors. What a honey!

I’m worried about tonight. Travelling makes Scuba and me tired, I’m exhausted but Stitch has been fast asleep for hours. I offer to take her and sleep in the motor home so Ron at least can get some sleep, but he valiantly declines. I give her her supper, then run her around and wrestle with her until I can’t keep my eyes open any more. One last trip outside, then stuff her back into her puppy carrier and immediately turn out the light. There’s a little whimpering, but the carrier has a zipper so I can put my hand inside. She likes that and settles right down. Wakes up and has to pee about 4 AM (that would be 6 AM HER time, we’re going to have to work on her internal clock!), then goes right back to sleep. Thank goodness. The carrier is small and cozy, and she’s still got her litter-smelling toys and blankie in it. I’m sure that helps.