7 Weeks 5 Days- Reality Sets In

Aug 31, 2004 | Stitch's Story

Ron always says HIS pick is the one sucking her thumb in the corner, but oh no, I have to bring home the baddest one! I’m exhausted and I’m not going to do anything today but relax and let her settle in. And take her outside every 20 minutes. And finish puppy-proofing the kitchen. And the living room. And the dog room. And find the baby gate to put on the stairs in the kitchen. And pick up the rugs. And get all the stuff back that she stole because I haven’t put it away yet. Maybe I should hire a babysitter? I need a NAP!

Tonight try to keep her up later and feed her later, then put her in her puppy carrier again. She’s not so ready to go this time, and starts yapping. Can’t shut her up. I lift the carrier up and put it beside me in the bed – how to have a dog in your bed and not in your bed at the same time! That shuts her up. I pet her for a minute and then put the bag back on the floor and she’s quiet. Has to go out at 5 the next morning. Well, it’s better than 4!