8 Weeks 2 Days- Vet Visits

Sep 4, 2004 | Stitch's Story

The vet comes to the house today to look her over and give her her first shot. We’re separating the parvo and distemper into individual shots. I know we’ve been overvaccinating in the past, I know it, but I was around before vaccines, I’ve seen distemper AND parvo, and part of me is screaming that she should have a vaccine every three days from birth to 6 months. Most of me agrees with the new regime.

Start working with the leash today. Put it on her and go for a walk up the road. She sticks pretty close as she did yesterday, so the leash is mostly redundant. The second time she feels it pull her a bit, she grabs it and spends most of the walk parading it. When she spots RapidFire she wants to run to him again. Some bucking and kicking when the leash stops her, but no panic. More like mild annoyance. Finally starts to settle and I call her, she comes over, grabs the lead, and gets back in the parade. Tries to run all the way back to the house. Next time we take a walk we’re going to be discussing Loose Leash, but for now she’s pretty darn cute galloping. And she looks VERY good in a trot.

This afternoon I notice that she stops short of the second dog door several times, so I’ll be accompanying her every time she goes out (as I’m sure I should have been doing from the beginning. Did I mention I’m lazy and I hate housebreaking?).