8 Weeks 3 Days- Clever Child

Sep 5, 2004 | Stitch's Story

I catch her squatting just short of the second dog door. Give her UH UH UH and pat her suddenly on both sides of the ribs, she goes right outside and pees. Only took twice, then she was heads all the way out again. Clever child.

She’s very brave outside. The dog yard is huge – 150 X 200′ but she goes out and plays in the first half of it, runs around, eats bugs, etc all by herself and comes in when she’s ready. Always thrilled to see me when she comes in.

I use the clicker to teach her Touch today. Touch this finger, touch that finger. Very quickly get her looking at the treat, thinking about going for it, changing her mind and going AWAY from the treat to touch the appropriate finger to make the treat happen. Clever child.

Scuba’s body language is calming down a lot. She can walk by the pup now without looking strained, sit beside the pup without bothering, and eat with their pans only inches apart. I’ve caught her several times with a toy in her mouth considering that it might be fun to have another dog to play with. Stitch follows her everywhere, proclaiming to the world “That’s Scuba! She’s my big sister!” Scuba turns around once in a while and tells her to get lost.

Stitch: “What’re we gonna do now? Where are we going? Are we gonna have fun? Are we gonna chew that bone?”

Scuba: “Get lost.”