11 Weeks- First Day of the Trip

Sep 23, 2004 | Stitch's Story

The three-hour ride in the car is her plane ride all over again. I put her, with her fake fur rug and a big soft toy, in her small kennel in the back seat of the truck. She whimpers a bit, but by the time we’re out of the yard, she’s asleep. We stop every hour to take her out, and she pees each time, but certainly isn’t clamouring to get out.

We arrive at mom & dad’s, where she rips and tears around the backyard. There’s a big empty ice cream pail which she carries proudly around the yard, and she has a good wrestle with Scuba. Mom’s two Mini Schnauzers (her third and brand-new FOURTH UTILITY DOG!) intimidate her a bit, but she quickly overcomes it and runs around with them too. One of them gets a bit too pushy with her, but Scuba hip-checks him away from her. Scuba, apparently, is the only dog allowed to snark at her little sister.

Because of the good wrestle, she’s ready to sleep, thank goodness. I’ve got her crate in the truck, and I set up an ex-pen in the trailer where the table usually goes, with a big dog bed from home, a water bucket and a few of her toys. Then it’s pretty chilly so I bring her crate into the trailer and put her to bed with the crate on my bed.

Two accidents in the trailer this evening.

I’d have to say this was the defining picture of the five days in the trailer. Note the beautiful filigree work all along the length. Note how exquisitely close to the plug it goes. Note that this used to be the plugin for my laptop. Replacement value: $140. Dear little Tat.