11 Weeks 4 Days- Puppies Need to Run

Sep 27, 2004 | Stitch's Story

The fifth day of too little free time, and still she keeps the leash loose (well, pretty loose). Then we go back to mom & dad’s and turn her loose in the back yard with their Minis and Scuba. Stitch drops her butt to the ground and runs. She runs with Scuba. She outruns the Minis. She runs by herself. She runs with Scuba. Scuba and Stitch herd and deke. Stitch does several involuntary somersaults but in general Scuba’s playing at exactly the puppy’s level, and the Minis are playing well with her too. She outruns everybody and still she runs. Then she stops to get a drink from the fishpond, and then she runs again.

Then she sleeps all the way home. I want to say “Tomorrow we’ll start training again”, but that’s not fair, because the five days have been full of training, but it was clicker training without the clicker. Time well spent.