12 Weeks 4 Days- Rip or Sleep

Oct 4, 2004 | Stitch's Story

I’ve got a cold, so we took the day off from training. Then I felt guilty, so I had to notice what was going on anyway. I went to the door with her when I noticed her waking up and after each meal, and managed to get through another day without an accident (interesting how we humans always label these “if I was paying attention this never would have happened, but I couldn’t be bothered so it did” incidents “accidents”, as if they were completely unpreventable!).

I noticed that she now sits glued to the floor while I put Scuba’s dish down, and remains sitting while I put Stitch’s dish down. Good. Everybody has their own living-with priorities, and two of mine are not running out the front door, and not leaping all over me when I’m trying to put a dish down.

I cleaned her ears again, let’s just say she’s not totally ready to allow this yet, but her ears had to be cleaned. By the time I was half done, she was lying quietly. It’s more about being confined than about me poking in her ears.

Another she-goes-to-bed-better-when… she goes to bed better when she hasn’t just finished a meal. She feels really GOOD after a meal and wants to rip, roar, and tear. I want to go to sleep after a meal, so this is not an intuitive situation for me.

She also walks better on lead when she hasn’t just finished eating, but she CAN get the rips and still keep the leash loose. I think I mentioned that before. She’s doing brilliantly with the loose leash thing.

Her first countersurfing incident. She has a big soft stuffed dog bigger than she is. Tonight she cases the joint, then carefully pulls it off the coffee table. My little girl is growing up! It falls right on top of her, so she kills it with a lot of noise.

She spends a good part of the day gagging. Crickets are apparently pretty bony on the outside.