14 Weeks 3 Days- Bath

Oct 17, 2004 | Stitch's Story

OK, I’m definitely getting bored with sitting in the car. For breakfast, she sits to have her collar put on, runs out on a loose lead to the car, puts her paws up to get in, then whizzes around the front seat area eating kibble off the floor, the hump, the console, the seats, the cup holders, the door handles, and isn’t thrilled to leave when I get out. I want to get back to training STUFF!

At noon we take (people) lunch out to the field. She runs as before out to the car, paws up to get boosted in, and immediately starts vacuuming kibble. I start the car. She doesn’t appear to notice, she’s too busy buzzing around digging kibble out from under the seats. I toss a little more on the floor and put it in gear. No biggie. Apparently the problem has to do with BEING in the car rather than WHAT the car is doing. We go bumping out into the field over ruts and bumps. When she’s eaten all the kibble, she sits up on the seat and watches the scenery go by.

While the guys are eating, we go for a little walk. She avoids a gopher hole when she gets a sniff of it. Then a tractor bucket bangs and she tucks her tail and runs away from me – about 15′. When I call her name, she turns around like “Oh, hi, mom! Didn’t see you there!” and comes running right back, all happy. We go sit back in the car and she rechecks it, her tail up, and then we drive back to the yard. Little farmer dog. It really makes me feel good that she comes to me when she’s scared.

She has a bath. I have trouble keeping the water warm, and I get some distress yapping when it’s coolish, but when it’s warm she’s OK with the whole idea. We have a cuddle with a big fluffy towel and then I put her on the grooming table. A handful of kibble spread around the table lets me use the dryer on one side of her. Then I dry her front legs, and another handful finishes her off. Scuba wasn’t this good about the dryer when she was 8 months old. Stitch looks very cute, except for her wet head, which I didn’t dry.