17 Weeks 3 Days- Fix a Problem Instead of Ignore it?

Nov 7, 2004 | Stitch's Story

Wow, what a much better idea to find a behaviour glitch and work on overcoming it than my usual – sit around alternately ignoring it and grumbling about it for weeks, months or years until I’m thoroughly upset about it. Scuba, Stitch and I go for a walk. Scuba chases cats, grackles, ducks, smells hare trail, gallops hither and yon. Stitch does too… or not. It takes hitting the end of the leash three times before she whaps herself in the forehead and remembers Loose Leash Walking. In the beginning I hand her a dozen kibbles at once for keeping it loose. She thinks this is swell. Maybe this is puppy’s idea of self-control Heaven – she gets to explore, run, trot, sniff, jump on Scuba, and get kibble by the handful all at the same time, and all she has to for it is remember to be within 4 or 5 feet of me. Pretty quickly she’s trotting brilliantly along, attacking Scuba whenever she gets close enough, attacking me when she can’t stand it anymore, and generally looking really good. I have a hard time remembering to Yes her when the leash is loose rather than when the leash is loose and she’s looking at me, but I eventually get it.

She looks very good. I don’t know how a puppy with hocks and feet bigger than my car can trot smoothly. A small miracle.

You’re not seriously going to leave me in here, are you? Excuse me, it’s the middle of the morning. Prime play time. Are you stupid? I want out of here. ARE YOU INSANE? ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME? LET ME OUT OF THIS CRATE! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! THERE ARE 800 NUMBERS FOR THIS SORT OF ABUSE! I DEMAND A LAWYE


No fair. *sigh*

Communication. Isn’t it a wonderful thing?!