18 Weeks 5 Days- Taking it Easy

Nov 16, 2004 | Stitch's Story

Next week is going to be pretty sparse. We’re getting ready for a big llama show and I’ve got a ton of training to do, as well as show secretary stuff, costumes to make and organize, etc. I’m feeling the pressure already – too much to do, not enough energy to do it. We’ll both be lucky if I get one session a day in, but given the state of her teeth, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I need an easy day so we work on some of her homework from her Tricks class. We start with trying to lure her to roll over. I can get her over on one hip without too much trouble, but any further and she’s convinced I want her to leap into a stand. This rapidly exceeds “easy” so we move on to resting her head. I can’t reach the floor, so I lure her to rest her muzzle in my cupped hand. ShaZAM. The 4th time I lure it, she knows what she’s doing. X30 and she’s got it on a voice cue or on presentation of my hand. Scuba’s got this trick with the cue of “Are you precious?” so that’s what I use for Stitch.

Next we try a bow. I’ve been avoiding this, thinking that Sit and Down and Stand are enough position behaviours for a baby. She’s even faster this time. The third time I start to lure it, she assumes the position before I get there. “Take a bow”. X30 and she’s not ready to do it totally on a voice cue, but she easily responds to a hand cue and holds the position while I hand her 15 individual kibbles. Fun meal.