19 Weeks 3 Days- I’m Training ALF!

Nov 21, 2004 | Stitch's Story

She wakes up with a red, swollen, goopy eye. We go to the vet and get some prescription eye stuff. It looks considerably better in four hours, thank goodness. We train once, starting with the right turn with contact. She’s OK. Not as good as we left off yesterday, but better than we had before that. I’m tired and don’t want to discuss it (and dizzy from all that pivoting). We finish up with some SitStays. We start at 5 seconds and work up to a good solid 20 seconds and two 30 second Stays at about 15′. A short workout, but a good one. I can hardly keep from laughing while we’re doing the SitStays – she looks like the alien puppet Alf, with her big fuzzy head, her long shaved muzzle, and her two little bottom canines sticking up from totally naked lower gums. To make it worse, she’s still sitting sloppy – on her tail, with her back legs tossed wherever they land out to the side – like puppet legs. Dear little Tat.