5 Months- Normal Puppyhood

Nov 25, 2004 | Stitch's Story

The whole week is a total writeoff (which I keep saying and which usually inspires me to work harder) as we do the llama show and sleeeeep after it. Stitch gets to do the puppy thing – Scuba, who can jump the dog fence with ease, gets to stay in a crate all day, Stitch, who can’t jump the dog fence (yet) has access to her crate, the dog room, and, through the dog doors, the dog yard. I don’t think she uses the yard much, because when we come home at night, she’s a maniac. She has the rips every night, racing around the house with her tail on the ground, crashing into things, and she and Scuba wrestle and tug well past the regular bedtime.

Mostly what she gets worked on is a bunch of tired people sitting on the couch stuffing supper in their mouths and telling her she isn’t welcome to browse off our plates. A necessary lesson, and she doesn’t take it personally. She makes the rounds of each person, checks twice with the least adamant ones, then runs off to find a toy.