Home at last

Jul 19, 2017 | Serra's Story

It’s official – I’m just as tired sitting in the car as I am if I’m driving. It’s been a long 3 days for Spider, on the leash all the time or in his crate. I took him for a walk as soon as we got home and he found all sorts of good stuff – cat poop and a dead mouse and lots of pine cones but then we came to the plowed dirt around a shelter belt and he got the rips. Dropped his butt in the dirt and started spinning, snatching up chunks of dirt as he went by. Finally he collapsed in a heap in the dirt and we walked back to the house.

Ron rolled up the area rug while we were out, leaving tile, and Spider started to run laps – around the living room, into the kitchen, around the island, back into the living room. He ran and ran and ran – and now he’s sleeping. What a great puppy.

Tomorrow I have to give him a bath, post his ears, get Syn and Stitch home and introduce them, buy him some dog food, teach him to lie in my lap in the recliner while I’m typing, start his first lessons in the Training Levels, and continue the quest to get him to go through the dog doors by himself.

They’re called schnauzers because… schnozz!