Dog door #1

Jul 21, 2017 | Serra's Story

Ron got up before I did this morning, so let him out and entertained him. When I came down this greeted me:

Ron said “I made a paper airplane for him and it was lots of fun until he caught it…” I’m thinking it was lots of fun AFTER he caught it, too!

He got tired of me waiting for him to open the second dog door after the ladies had gone in, and he pushed through it on his own. Good fella! Only three more doors and/or directions to go!

6 days in and all we’ve done in regard to “training” is some name recognition – Spider (hot dog), Spider (hot dog). He likes this game. And some work on sitting (which he already knows) and remaining sitting until the dish hits the ground.

He met a very small puppy the same age as he is, and we now know that a) he’s too big in his mind to play with older PWDs yet, and b) he’s too big in his body to play with small puppies yet. We held him on a leash and left the other youngster off leash so she could do laps around him, occasionally buzzing in close enough to count coup.

He went for a ride in the Gator. Zero cares were given. No problem with staying in one spot, no problem with the yard going by, no problem with the motion.

Today we started discussing the idea that it isn’t only necessary to pee when he’s outside, but it’s necessary to NOT pee until he gets there – adding a little tension to the whole get-outside idea. That means I’ve got him back on leash inside. I wait until I see him fussing and THEN ask if he wants to go outside and hustle him out instead of just hustling him out every half hour. The first few times he gave me a glance and then started to pee. I jumped up with a rather loud ACK NO ACK!, patted him with flat hands on each side of his ribcage (which effectively turned off the tap), and hustled him outside cheerfully. By the end of the day he was glancing at me more significantly and NOT squatting until he got outside. Good pup.