Hello to the vet

Jul 22, 2017 | Serra's Story

He had an appointment to meet his vet this morning. What a lovely puppy he is! Didn’t hear a peep out of him all the way there. I’m pretty sure he fell asleep in the crate before we were out of the driveway. Once again he showed me that he never met a stranger he didn’t love. A friend had a Flat-Coat there and kept it minding its own business so I got to remind Spider that he WAS able to sit in presence of another dog – he’s much better at that than he was last week. Loved on the staff, loved on the vet – and she had a couple of tongue-depressors worth of CANNED CAT FOOD OMG to reward him for being present. This went over brilliantly with him, and with me as well because of course she ignored him jumping on her when he smelled it and only gave it to him when he remembered Marina’s training and sat. The cat food wasn’t necessary, he’s apparently willing to have a good time no matter where he goes, but it was great to have it. He got a gob of it before she touched him, and another gob for not trying to jump off the table and kill himself (which he wasn’t inclined to do).

First thing she said was “That’s how I picture you – with a Giant Schnauzer!” “Work of art” was also mentioned. I was happy to hear that he has a honking big ear infection, because he started shaking his head a lot yesterday. I was hoping it was something we could fix and not just that he’s overly-sensitive to having his ears posted. So for now his ears aren’t posted.

Got some pictures of him today (about time) – first the dog yard –

Bambi in the forest And what does Bambi eat? Trees, of course!

Then out onto the savannah to play hide and seek in the alfalfa (still in the dog yard):

And then he decided it was too hot and he was going to go back inside

Then it was time to go to the vet, and when we got back I had some ear cleaning to do, which I was NOT looking forward to, but we spent half an hour working on relaxing on the grooming table and the ear thing turned out to be a non-event. He’s a hooligan, but he’s an amenable hooligan.

almost asleep

and there he goes.

Here he is pretending he’s not going to floss the vet’s teeth for her: