Dog door #2

Jul 24, 2017 | Serra's Story

Ron reported this morning that Spider went out both dog doors after Syn and Stitch this morning. EE HAH. That’s a HUGE step. Only part that’s left is to get him to think of going outside on his own. I didn’t take him out after I fed him this morning, but watched closely. He started to squat and I ACKed him, said Go outside!, took a step toward the dog room and pointed. He started to follow me, paused a second to have a think, then perked up and ran ahead of me out the door. GOOD morning.

We went to a lake in the afternoon to practise some water trial stuff with Syn. It was SO windy one of the crates blew over with a dog inside. Waves. I carried him out and put him down in water about halfway up to his elbow. No. Go. Literally. Apparently he can’t walk when the floor is transparent and moving. He wasn’t upset, was perfectly happy to eat treats, but couldn’t take a step. He lifted a front foot a couple of times but put it back down where it came from in bewilderment. Wagged his tail at the other dogs. No problem, but no walking. I finally lifted him back out and he had a good time chasing seagull shadows on the lawn.

And in the evening, he either has a urinary tract infection or polydipsia-polyuria. He knows why he’s going outside, knows what to do when he gets there, but sleeps in urine puddles, pees as he’s walking, and pees while he’s sitting thinking about other things. Ah the joy of puppies! Urine sample to the vet in the morning.