To the beach

Jul 27, 2017 | Serra's Story

PDPU seems better this morning, he’s not hysterically thirsty and he’s gone half an hour without dribbling on the floor.

We started working on giving to collar pressure this morning, down with a signal, and relax. I’ve got a good start on rotating the coat on one hip, one shoulder, and half of one ribcage. He has a fantastic hard coat. Dremeling two passes per nail every morning is doing wonders for his ability to sit quietly and let things happen.

He’s NOT happy that I posted his ears again.

We drove an hour to get to a lake where Syn and I practised our water trial work. Spider, as usual, was an angel in the car. It was incredibly hot – 35 degrees. When we got there, I tied his leash to several small bushes so he could lie in the shade of the bushes and tall grass. He ate the bushes. And the grass. And a bit of the leash. But no whining or barking. Some nice kids came by and played with him.

When Syn and I were done, I Released The Hound and he followed Syn back down to the water. With a wiener I got him to walk in far enough to float. Fun – his back feet floated first, and he didn’t appear to notice, but when his front feet left the bottom he turned around and headed back to safer ground with enormous splashing. Nevertheless, he was willing to follow the wiener that far out twice more.

We stopped for ice cream on the way home

Yeah, we could do that again…