Bad day

Jul 29, 2017 | Serra's Story

Let’s see, it’s 36 degrees. My printer won’t align its print heads. Stitch rolled in an ant hill and is actively trying to peel her skin off. Two charging cables died this morning. I have a killer headache and feel like throwing up. My shoulder is demanding enough pain meds to make my headache twice as bad (new shoulder in March! Yay!) And Spider, who was having a pretty good day, walked oddly to the back steps and ralphed up everything he’s eaten since he got here.

On the good side, he feels better now, which means he’s running around biting Stitch’s tail, which almost feels good enough for her to let him do it, chewing up the papers I printed when I was trying to get my printer to behave, and telling me how hungry he is.

I took everybody to the dugout thinking we could all use a cooling off. I thought Stitch might feel better after a swim – she didn’t, it’s worse. Syn wasn’t really interested in chasing stuff, but Spider did several bumper retrieves out of the water, and was almost floating when it went in too far for him to get and I had to ask Syn to get it.

I’m done. It’s 7 PM and I’m going to bed.