Pros and cons

Jul 31, 2017 | Serra's Story

Another great day. From the living room, kitchen, and carpeted TV room, he’s going through the dog door out to the dog yard to pee without being reminded. What a lovely person he is!

So far he’s really bad at:
– remembering to walk on a loose leash when there are people around.
– not staring at pit bulls who want to take him apart (wasn’t scared, just wanted to go talk some sense into him).
– having his ears cleaned and posted.
– grace. He has all the grace of a dying camel. He runs like a drunk rhinoceros.
– staying on the Gator when it stops.

On the other hand, he’s very very good at:
– being almost gentle with his teeth,
– liking every single person, place, and thing he has ever met,
– riding on the Gator without a qualm,
– cuddling,
– playing tug,
– convincing Syn to like him,
– sitting politely before I put his dish down,
– coming when he’s called (even out of the open bag of kibble),
– doing his relax-on-the-table thing even at the vet,
– sleeping all night,
– entertaining himself,
– sleeping,
– thinking about swimming.