First evil secret

Aug 3, 2017 | Serra's Story

Uh oh. As soon as the store opens I’ll be making a lifesaving drive to get some fencing. When I went to feed the dogs this morning, Spider was outside alone. First time that’s happened. I looked out the window and saw him lounging… in the middle of Ron’s garden train setup, munching on what appears to have been a dentist’s office. This is a pup who learned how to get on the couch 2 days ago. The garden train is 3 feet above ground level and surrounded by a 3-wire fence to keep the dogs out. Uh oh.

And when I brought him inside, he and Syn started tugging on a toy. Syn never tugs with ANYBODY. So Syn and I will keep him. Not sure Ron will be keeping any of us…

This afternoon he gave me his first CLOP. Giants have such big jaws, and such big heads which are apparently completely empty, that when they clop their jaws together in a particular way, it echoes. His first CLOP. Baby’s growing up!