Picture day

Aug 4, 2017 | Serra's Story

He was in distress when I got up this morning. He’d peed in his crate. He was wet, crate was wet, crate pad was wet. So he needed a bath. No problem there, he stood like a trouper. Rinsed him off, towelled him a bit, turned him loose to clean up the tub. When I came back into the living room I realized that there’s really only one place for a wet puppy to be… in my chair.

Are you seeing how enormous this brute is?

Later he felt he needed a little company so he joined old Stitch. She really IS a saint.

And then I took him out to the fifth wheel. He was very well-behaved and then when we left he chose the logical path to the ground

Yep, green arrow. Epic face plant on the pavement.

This afternoon I took them to the dugout (because of course that’s what you do with a clean puppy). Stitch, who is old and deaf and wanders off, is attached to Syn’s harness with a tracking line. Spider thought that was great fun. NOT helping, little guy!

Grabbing her leash just annoys the Old Bag, but what else he’s doing is going to get his clock cleaned. He thinks it’s funny to bite her tail every time she comes out of the water:

And then we came home and had supper and relaxed. Remember that funny little round puppy I brought home two weeks ago? He’s growing nicely into his rightful place – his toes reach my heels, and his big squidgy nose* fits right under my chin.

*Thanks to Elaine Mitchell for so aptly describing the Giant Schnauzer nose!

And, in addition to a new car, I’m going to have to buy him a canoodling chair. He’s growing so fast he’s started falling out of the regular chairs while he’s sleeping. Sometimes he doesn’t notice.