Canadian snowflake

Aug 16, 2017 | Serra's Story


And I mean that in the Canadian sense, not in the American political sense.

It’s 18 degrees outside, we’re going for a walk, and he’s mad because I won’t let him walk in the shade. He was so good about the leash yesterday, today he won’t keep it loose for love, money, or wieners because he’s pulling toward the shade of every garbage can, tree, picnic table, and electric post we pass. When we get into the shade of something large enough to bother with, like a tree, he doesn’t want to walk back out into the sun. Dude! It’s EIGHTEEN DEGREES! He’s not even PANTING!

I guess I’ve just been served notice about his future in herding, tracking, agility, and drafting…

He was terrific all night. Ron was at the observatory until all hours and let him out before putting him to bed. When I got up he was still asleep but allowed as how breakfast might be a good idea.

The only thing he’s destroyed so far today was a full, closed can of Diet Coke, which started spraying all over my computer and me and everything else within four feet. He thought that was funny. It’s in the contract that the breeder isn’t responsible for any damage he does after I get him… maybe I should have thought a bit more about that particular paragraph…