Exercise? What is this “exercise”?

Aug 19, 2017 | Serra's Story

Today was definitely one day too many cooped up in a trailer and going for “walks” – which from a puppy point of view are nothing more than humans pretending they’re giving a puppy exercise. Every second time I took him out he got the rips – fortunately he was on leash so I could reward him for ripping around ME instead of around the PARK. Syn is getting fed up. She’s snarling at him a lot, and when she snarls at him he sits back and barks at her (he doesn’t take kindly to frustration). He’s not being rude about trying to take her food or her toys, he’s just being a jerk in general, lying too close to her, jumping on her, being where she wants to be, getting in between her and the back of the couch and then pushing her off.

His leash work has gone to pot. He’s dashed the trailer door four or five times, leaping out before anybody’s ready for him. Some kids went by when he was on the deck and he escaped out a tiny space between the deck fence and the trailer that not even the smaller Parties have noticed, jumping (or dropping) a metre to the ground.

And then he was wonderful in the car on the way home. What a good boy!

He and Syn immediately went out into the dog yard and stayed out for several hours, coming in once in a while to say hello, get a drink, and then go out again. Noise from the yard sounds like the raptor pen in Jurassic Park. He’ll be back to normal tomorrow now that he’s had some physical effort.