Aug 20, 2017 | Serra's Story

Last night I commented on the huge bulges in his gums where his adult molars are waiting, and Ron asked when his teeth would start falling out. “Oh, any time now, coupla weeks” I said, smiling to myself because he’s WAY too young for his teeth to start coming in.

This morning after I posted his ears while cuddling him I looked in his mouth and

holy crow, my widdle booboo has real teeth! That’s like his first day of school…

WHOA! Did I mention he has teeth?

Brothers and sisters, these are the hours that will sorely test our faith!

Let me count the ways.

His topline flops up and down like a loose clothesline.
His front feet flop around on the end of his legs like pillows tied to a hockey stick.
It takes him, literally (I timed it) 17 minutes of trying to figure out trotting. It’s a very difficult procedure, his legs are too long and his body is too short.
OMG his tailset! Where did it go? His tail is down around his hocks and he’s got ZERO drive in the rea… oh wait, he had to poop. OK. Where was I?
He can’t gallop. He tries but getting four feet to work together at anything faster than a walk appears impossible. Last week he looked like a rhino running. Today he looks like a baby giraffe. He’s fallen on his nose several times, and no, there weren’t any gopher holes where he did it.
His ears are lying flat across the top of his head giving me the finger.
He peed in the laundry room. Again. On the other hand, I’d just finished posting his ears and he might have been standing in there pouting and just forgot to move.

Only another 5 or 6 months until all his teeth are all in. I’m counting the minutes.