A guy and his dog…

Aug 21, 2017 | Serra's Story

Ron, who is usually pleasantly oblivious to dogs until they’re at least civilized and more usually old, appears to be bonding. He’s buying the kid a new car – but that was on the list anyway, it’s just been stepped up a few months. No, the big deal is that he’s volunteering to keep the puppy at home while I go visit my parents.

When we were camping, Ron went for long walks with the pup. Spider, who really needs more exercise than he gets on a leash while we’re camping, discovered sand on one of their hikes. When they got back to the trailer, Ron announced that we’ll be getting a load of sand for the dog yard since Spike had such a great time rolling and digging in the sand.

Ron is not a techie. He doesn’t do this sort of thing – this morning he sent me a video of Syn (!) playing with Spider.

OK, I’ve seen them do better, but the points are – a) Syn, who never plays with anybody, is playing with Spider, and b) Ron noticed and thought it was important enough to send me a video. I’m a happy person.