Aug 26, 2017 | Serra's Story

I hate him.

I woke up this morning to his whining. Not urgent whining, just “I’d rather be somewhere else” whining. When I came out of the bedroom I smelled boy urine. Yuck. Strong. Plentiful.

Yup. Put him out at midnight last night, withheld his water after 6, and he woke me up at 5 AM with a flooded crate. This is a plastic crate with a mesa in the middle and a moat around the outside of the mesa. He’d flooded the moat and the mesa was sopping. He was sopping. And when I opened the crate door, of course, he ran all over the dog room, the kitchen, and the living room (where Ron, you may recall, had wisely rolled up the rug).

Took the crate apart, washed it with soap, washed Spider (good boy, excellent job of standing quietly for his bath), took out his ear posts, and washed all the floors. Still smelled urine. Found where he’d peed on Stitch’s big comfy CLOTH pillow AND chewed the zipper to bits so I couldn’t wash it and had to throw it out.

Then I was doing my online students and taking a brief mind vacation from owning a puppy and I looked around and saw, for one brief second, a good puppy sitting quietly looking at me with two of the most magnificent CORRECT ears EVER. Of course one was already gone by the time I got the camera, but it WAS there.

And he’s clean. And the floors are clean. The whole house smell vaguely of vinegar.

I love my puppy. I think it’s time for a cuddle.

Went to the vet. Made sure he peed before we got in the car. Stopped after 10 minutes of driving because I smelled urine. He soaked the crate, and crate pad, which sopped up most of it so he and his harness were only mildly damp. Another 10 minutes of driving brought us to the vet where I discovered he had soaked the OTHER crate as well.

Why does the vet look at me funny when she tells me he has a bladder infection and I gasp “Oh thank God!” ? He’ll be feeling better (and drier) by tomorrow.