Start the day with a saunter

Aug 28, 2017 | Serra's Story

It’s going to be hot again today, so we got our daily saunter in early.

Unbelievable – he’s 2″ taller than Stitch and a good inch over Syn.

When the dogs get too interested in something and stop coming along, I rev up the Gator and get a little lead on them. Then I stop and wait for them to get ahead of me again. I’m very careful of Gator tires. It’s actually a big, heavy vehicle with it’s electric batteries. The older dogs mostly know how to stay out from in front of it, but Spider has no clue so I don’t move unless I know he’s far enough away to be safe.

So this morning they stopped to sniff at what I suspected was coyote poop, so I revved and took off. Syn passed me in about 50′, which I expected, but then I looked back and NO WAY! Spider was running right behind me! OK, no more of THAT! First, my intent is not to make my humongous puppy run, and second, if he can run right behind me, he’s already caught up and can deke in under the tires. Stitch was still a ways back, but last week the order was very clearly Syn – Stitch – and Spider a distant third.