Ron’s camera class

Sep 3, 2017 | Serra's Story

Ron’s taking a camera class, so we have Spider’s official 4-month-old portraits.

In case anybody was wondering if he actually resembles a spider in any way – yes, yes he does!

His teeth are getting serious. This is a scrap of ear foam he found to chew on this morning.

And his ears are looking great – as long as he’s only been out of the posts for half an hour and he’s not actually looking at anything…


We had an excellent session at the park this afternoon (we always seem to have an excellent session when we go to the park). We started with some decent Loose Leash. He’s got up to almost a minute if there’s nothing fascinating to look at. His response to the leash is wonderful. When he tightens it, he releases it immediately and comes looking for a treat – well, 90% of the time.

We worked Sit and Down. Sit’s not great first thing, but after a couple of minutes he’s OK. He was reliably doing Down on a hand gesture and without treats.

He’s not going to let the Giant team down – I’ve never had a Giant that didn’t land on the judge’s table at least once, and he’ll be no exception. Every bench, every concrete stair rail, every anything raised he’s going to be walking on. They had a floating dock left out for rowing races this morning. It took him a moment to decide to step down onto it. He did the classic How Do I Get Down There Without Getting Down From Here? manoeuvre. Once he touched down once, he was fine and we went for a wobbly walk the length of the dock.

We did some hand stacking, some give-to-collar-pressure, and a LOT of take-the-dumbbell. No duration yet, but lots of eager takes.