Osmosis learning

Sep 5, 2017 | Serra's Story

Things he’s learning by being taught during life rather than during training sessions, and random observations:

– when he goes out the front door, he turns back to face me and sits.
– when he lies down in the kitchen someone’s going to trip over him. Bad idea. Get out of the way.
– when he lies down anywhere else, people will walk over him. Do Not Move.
– pee when I say Go Outside. Or, y’know, go outside and THEN pee.
– he doesn’t have to trot right beside the Gator on our saunters. He’s welcome to go exploring.
– I’m fascinated by his teeth. I have to look at them about 80 times a day. One lower canine is growing straight up into the roof of his mouth, but it’ll change direction when the base comes in and swing out wide. I already had this panic with my second litter and almost started cutting off canines. Fortunately on my way to the vet’s, I looked at them again and discovered they had all changed direction.
– he lies down on the floor of the Gator to watch Syn during her wind sprints. That’s good for watching, but bad for driving, since he’s so big that he learns against the gear shift and keeps pushing it from drive to neutral, which makes climbing hills in the Gator a little difficult.
– the idea of not biting Stitch’s tail appears to be growing in his brain. He has another large scab, this one in the middle of his eyebrow. He’s been rather calm around her the last few days.
– this morning he played Schnauzer Aerobics with Syn. This is where he grips a soft toy and collapses on his side on the floor and lets Syn pull him all over the house by the toy. Schnauzers do this. When you have two of them playing at once, they can stay in place, both of them gripping a toy that’s tight between them, and neither moving, sometimes for up to an hour. Once in a while, if one is feeling particularly feisty, she’ll twitch every 10 minutes or so.