Hmmm. Conformation class

Sep 10, 2017 | Serra's Story

We went to a conformation dropin this morning. Don’t think we’ll go again. Kudos to the person “judging” for being there, and I had plenty of time to reward Spike for standing up, but we don’t need that much going around in circles and I’m still happy that he’s happy to see people. I want to work on getting him to offer focus rather than holding him down for somebody to examine. He did fine, for a pup that really didn’t know what was happening, but we’ll work on those behaviours at home – and play along with my FDSA Conformation class that starts in 3 weeks. Unless I can talk friend Karen into teaching an in-person conformation class…

The guys finished harvesting the lentils while I was gone, which opened up a new path in the field for us to travel through.

Acting class: FEEL the bunny! BE the bunny!

Portrait of a Puppy on a Cloudy Afternoon