Park again

Sep 17, 2017 | Serra's Story

We had a wonderful morning. I took new drugs and we went to the park. We actually went for a walk by the lake. Spider is no longer pulling toward goose poop, but we will have to discuss eating cigarette butts. There were dogs (large and small, ignoring him and pulling toward him), geese (honking and landing and having small fights), kids (calm ones and yelling ones and running ones), the ubiquitous Japanese tourists as well as Sikhs and Muslims and women in saris, bicycles and skateboards. Spike was interested in some of them, but was happy to look and then look back to me without pulling on the leash. Clever puppy.

We did some work on sit stays. Didn’t work very well on the ground but on walls and pedestals he was grand – even started offering a very dedicated eye contact. A good time was had by all.