Pet supply shop visit

Sep 28, 2017 | Serra's Story

I was going to go into town and do some work on the Training Levels in public, but I had to stop it the supply store to drop some stuff off so I decided we’d go in and wander around. What a great puppy! He was very excited to go in, but managed to (mostly) hold on to his leash work. He bumped the end of it a lot, but came readily back almost always when he felt the collar. Talked to four people and managed not to jump on any of them. Had a wonderful time walking up and down the aisles sniffing dog food bags and bags of treats. It takes a day like this to remind me that he has a FABULOUS Zen cue (No) which he can respond to even while he’s got his face hovering over an entire box of rawhides. He examined lots of toys and tasted a few. Politely ignored other dogs in the store. We wandered around for over half an hour – three wieners’ worth – and I bought him a new femur for the crate in the truck. Excellent outing.