Long day, no exercise

Oct 3, 2017 | Serra's Story

Whoof, long day on the computer! Fenzi classes started three days ago and they’ve got me hopping. Also I’m discovering parts of lectures that weren’t explained very well, which gives me a chance to use Spider to fill in the gaps. Here are a couple we did today:


We went to our beginners’ class again last night. They did good stuff, and they did stuff I wasn’t interested in, which gave us lots of opportunity to work on other things. They were doing left finishes by leading the dogs back behind them and then back up into heel position, so Spider and I practised our pocket hand swing finish. He’ll be better when he’s finished growing, and he still wears out quickly, but when he does it it’s grand.

He’s a lot more comfortable being on my left side instead of out in front of me all the time this week, and that translated into me getting to move all the way around him while he was doing down stays. Sit stays not so good – he’s big and still sloppy and it’s really easy for him to slide down to the floor. I’ll have to get busy on the Level 2 Sits before he loses them completely.

His eye contact is brilliant considering that three weeks ago he didn’t know I had eyes. He’s started giving me default eye contact while he’s doing dish Zen as I put his meals out for him. Clever boy.

One thing I really have to get on his case about – he’s started mounting Stitch. While Syn has no difficulty telling him to drop dead, Stitch can’t do it. She doesn’t think about telling him, she just starts screeching GET OFF ME! ARE YOU INSANE? Then Syn runs over and starts trying to control the situation. Gonna stop. ASAP. Haven’t decided how yet.

Well, as I said, long day. Nearly 10 o’clock and raining all day so no exercise for anybody. I clocked a whopping 817 steps today and have muddy paw prints all over the floor. G’night.