Away for a week

Oct 12, 2017 | Serra's Story

My parents aren’t quite up to large and exuberant so Binkie stayed home with Ron and Syn. Got a nice phone call from Ron a couple of days ago. He came around a corner into the kitchen and found Spider IN THE KITCHEN SINK.

He appears to have grown another six inches and gained about 50 pounds. I sat down to watch TV. He didn’t even have to jump, he just WALKED into my lap, lay down, and watched TV. He WATCHED TV. I don’t mean he pointed his nose at it, there was a basketball game on and he WATCHED the ball. He watched it bounce and he followed it when it was in the air. My last Giant watched TV – she tried to head off herds of sheep going across the screen, and she watched Paul Simon’s African concert with utter rapt concentration for 7 hours, but none of the PWDs have ever shown the faintest interest in it. Different eyes? Or different brain?