Growing up

Oct 16, 2017 | Serra's Story

Stopped at the vet with another urine sample – had a few accidents in the house and crate yesterday when he’s been brilliant for weeks and weeks. Got his weight while we were there – 64 pounds. Poor Ronnie-baby thinks he’s as big as he’s going to get. I’d tell him that when he’s trained, he’ll seem smaller, but that would mean I’d have to tell him that he isn’t even CLOSE.

This is Hawkins, a bitch, at 7 months:

and Spider is barely past my knee at 5 months. He’s got a ways to go yet, Ron. Sorry about that!

I’ve been busy with my parents and my shoulder and stuff lately and haven’t been doing a lot of training, and it’s showing. He’s good when I’m keeping him cookied, but if I slack off he’s gotten old enough to go off looking for his own amusements. Still light on the leash most of the time – when he reaches the end he usually comes back willingly – but it’s more work than it was a couple of weeks ago. Sit and down stays are coming along nicely. I’m still only at the length of the leash, but he knows what he’s doing there now.

I worked pocket hand again tonight, it’s wonderful. I even got some movement with a signal and then was able to finish the swing off with the full pocket. I.Will.Not.Put.This.On.Cue.Until.It’s.PERFECT. 57 years of crooked finishes is pretty much enough.

His mom got her BH last week. The IPO heeling is so pretty. Makes me want to cry. Do I have the stamina to teach that? Not right now. I have VERY high hopes for my new shoulder.

We went to the pet shop for a bath today. He was such a good boy! Didn’t mind the water or the shampoo or the blow dryer. Halfway through the bath a Malamute went in the other tub. That was like having a movie screen during his spa treatment. He was fascinated! Still, didn’t spend too much effort trying to get to Mal and accepted that he really did have to stand in one place in the tub.

Getting in and out of the store was more challenging than it was last time – touch with your eyes, Bubba, not with your mouth!

What a stunningly beautiful, thoroughly outgoing, wonderfully confident and cheerful puppy! I so didn’t realize how much I missed having a Giant.