They listened! OMG! They listened!

Oct 17, 2017 | Serra's Story

Oh what a wonderful day! Spider has grown up enough to begin the twice-daily ritual of planting his lovely wet kibbly face and beard on my arm and shoulder directly after eating a meal to say a warm and loving thank you for being me and for feeding him. I expect he’ll continue this heartwarming Giant tradition by putting his face on my lap if my arm and shoulder aren’t available. What a thrill. This picture isn’t nearly as bad as the actual experience.

I bought him a snood to keep his widdle ears warm in the winter. All my Giants used to wear snoods in dogsled races when it -20 or colder. He was… not impressed. I guess I forgot that I’ve actually TAUGHT my dogs to wear stuff. After I rescued him twice when he pawed it down over his eyes, I let him wear it on his neck for the run. We’ll try again later. It’s far too warm today.

He makes it look so easy, look so clean,
He moves like God’s immaculate machine.

Oh Oh Oh! And on our run this afternoon a rabbit popped up an inch from my front tire and took off with everybody in hot pursuit. We were only about 300 metres from the highway so you can imagine how energetically I called them!

Syn turned back in about 10 metres, Spider took 20. Let me tell you, treats rained from the sky! They both got a really good butt scratch and Spy got a tooth wrestle. Stitch? She couldn’t hear me calling but at about 50 metres she forgot what she was doing so she drifted to a stop and just waited there wondering what was going on until we caught up to her. Can’t believe she actually ran that far!

No training today, darn it, but I got Stitch washed, all nails done and paws tidied. Spider’s urine sample was normal so I guess he just decided to drink too much. I’m closing the bar at 18:00 for another couple of days.