Pet store again

Oct 31, 2017 | Serra's Story

Another puppy class graduation yesterday. Pretty good. Actually let one of the instructors go over him without flossing her teeth (on the second attempt). Walked politely in and out of the building. They combined 2 classes and there was a VERY yappy Mini Schnauzer in the other class. Which was fine, I kept Spy out of her way and he didn’t get excited about all the noise. I was annoyed when I got out of the truck to go into the class, though. Got out, got Spider out, walked to the grass beside the treat to potty him and BAM, this Mini (on lead) is underneath him screaming in excitement. I backed up into the street, working to get his attention, and they kept coming. Finally we’re out in the middle of the street, I’ve got his attention, a truck is waiting to go past us, and the woman chirps “We’re the BAD one!”

Yeah, no shit, Sherlock.

While we were waiting to go through our turn, we had a little discussion about how I don’t have to pay him every 10 seconds for lying down at my feet, and how when he DOES get a treat for lying down at me feet, getting the treat doesn’t mean he’s done and can get up and go visiting. He’s almost convinced.

When we got home, Ron and I were watching TV. Spider climbed up on a large footstool/couch piece/upholstered coffee table thing between our chairs and went to sleep. Ten minutes later he rolled off it, hit the floor with a loud thump, and didn’t even wake up. Dear little Tat.

And then we met idiots again today. Time for another couple of bags of dog food, so we went to the pet store. Looked around, clear route to the dirt spot behind the building, got him out, and BAM again, two Westies on leash right in his face. And again, as we back up, they come right after us. I’m stuck between them and my truck, the car next to us, and the open back door of my truck. MOVE AWAY! Finally they did, we spent a minute getting him focused, and then we had an absolutely lovely Loose Leash to the potty spot, another one back to the store, and then he entered the store under complete control. Good Puppy!

And then we walked around the store for 15 minutes BRILLIANTLY. Loose leash, responded to my Nos when he stuck his nose in the treat bins. Lovely lovely lovely. When we occasionally came in sight of the Westies, he was interested but not hysterical. Didn’t floss any teeth. Didn’t eat any treats or bounce any balls that weren’t his. Didn’t try to knock anybody down.

On the other hand, his skull has exploded. Today his lovely long lean rectangle of a Schnauzery head looks like a balloon with a snout stuck on one side. I trust that the rest of him will grow to match it. I trust that the rest of him will grow to match it. I trust that the rest of him will grow to match it…

The glory of the time at the pet shop is still with me.