Nov 3, 2017 | Serra's Story

Since our dear vet/physio did such an amazing job for old Stitch, I decided to give her a shot at Spider, too, just to see how he’s coming along and if there’s anything we should be doing.

Nice loose leash into the clinic, then he went semi-berserk over “all” (three) the people there were that he might get to French kiss (he didn’t), but we had several minutes to ourselves in the examining room before the doc came in. He was semi-good on the table, a trifle over-joyous, but once I put him in his Chill position he was grand. Found some tightening in one shoulder that Debbie Torraca also mentioned, and I was assigned some exercises and massages.

This afternoon we had our standard Friday training day with Barbara and Dory. Did a fair amount of work on jumping up on people (I’m reaching the end of my rope. I’m thrilled he loves everybody but I’m ready for four on the floor.)

Got through Level 2 Crate and half of L2 Go To Mat with no problems, and then we had a great dumbbell session. Got some good double hits, then some threefers, and some semi-decent actual holds. Then I put it on the floor and shaped him to it and he started picking it up. Feeling accomplished about the session. And a nice no-thought loose leash back out to the car in spite of people coming out of the weed store next door.

Back home for a quick leg-bath and scissor, and then it was on to his first conformation fun match. Best In Match! Thank you, thank you, I’d like to thank all the little people who made this possible… say what? There were only 5 dogs entered? Well, yeah. What does that have to do with anything?

I learned two things. a) I absolutely cannot show him myself. My leg was cramping up before I got finished with the initial go-around. And b) I really am sick of him not being able to keep his feet on the floor. I think he’ll spend a bit of time in a halter while we have a little discussion about this over the next few days. Or weeks.

And I figured out why his skull looks so huge. Dory and Syn have been biting the hair under his eyes so his head is hour-glass-shaped. Ick.