Nov 10, 2017 | Serra's Story

Bad week for me pain-wise so Binkie’s been basically warehoused, which at our house means he sleeps in his crate at night, plays in and out of the house with Syn, torments Stitch as much as I let him, sleeps on the couch, and spreads his toys all over everything. He still has to sit and give eye contact before having access to his meals.

He’s been much better about jumping up since I made it clear he was to keep four on the floor – BUT yesterday we had the electrician in the front hall, he said hello to the dogs over the Dutch door, and then he and I were talking… and Spider came OVER the Dutch door to talk to him. Twice. I’d say he jumped, but it wasn’t that clean, he jumped and then climbed, teetering on the brink as he scratched the door. Have to get back to work!

PS the guy has Boxers so wasn’t too dismayed to find a tongue down his throat, thank goodness, but This Too Must Stop.