A brain appears

Nov 19, 2017 | Serra's Story

We had a lovely session with the dumbbell yesterday. Got lots of nice quiet holds of at least a couple of seconds, and I was able to let go of it a few times as long as I kept his chin palm rest available. It’s easier for him to think when he’s lying down. Have to remember that.

And this morning he’s showing a Giant Schnauzer brain. His favourite little soft ball that is the only thing he chews but doesn’t shred hid under the couch. I saw the lightbulb go on. He came and got me and led me back to show me where the ball had gone. I lifted up the couch so he could get the ball. He got it. I put the couch back down. He DELIBERATELY rolled it under the couch again. Yes he bloody well did.

I lifted up the couch and got the ball myself and tossed it away into the kitchen. He brought it back and rolled it under the armoire. I moved the armoire and he got the ball. I turned around and he was rolling it into the middle of my office chair legs – and yep, it got stuck in there.

I see Hell gaping open in front of me. I HAVE to show him how to roll the ball down stairs so he can chase it without it getting lost.