Woot! Heeling!

Nov 26, 2017 | Serra's Story

No, not heeling yet, but I’m getting glimpses. Syn got it right away, eye contact, then trotting to the left, then chasing the treat. Spider didn’t have a clue yesterday but he slept on it. After three or four reps this evening he discovered he was having fun. Eye contact, then follow me when I started running backwards. I didn’t think I could but I got him trotting even in the short space of my kitchen. I’ve GOT to keep doing this, I’m actually kind of excited about obedience again. The national Specialty is in Red Deer (9 hours? drive) in April, hopefully after my new shoulder gets installed. No hope for conformation since I can’t strip him – can only brush in 2-minute stretches once a day – but obedience and rally might be doable if I keep it up.

He’s the first Giant I ever had who didn’t have a CD before 7 months (except for Panda who got hit by a car and finished at 11 months after her spine was rehabbed). I’m certainly not taxing his little thinker.