Good session

Feb 7, 2018 | Serra's Story

Very short session – watching mama Rumba practising nosework, so we tried another round. The boy has a nose. He needs a little confidence/stick-to-it-ivness (if he can’t find it right away he thinks maybe it would be easier to come and offer me a sit) but he nailed every one – hidden on the floor, up on a table, inside a wicker stool. I expected him to find the stool one from the outside, but instead he upended the stool and found it from the inside.

Then a little quick heel work. Today he’s finding heel position almost entirely by himself! And excellent Hand Touch duration, static and moving.

Then because I was standing there with a couple of treats left over, I worked a couple of Front arcs – uh oh, he wants to stay in heel position. Can’t call that bad, and I did manage to convince him to come forward to make eye contact, so that’s a beginning. Happy little session.

AND managed to insist on a sit while the neighbour came in this evening. He stayed sitting (sort of on his own) and didn’t jump on her when I released him.