Eyebrows cause just as much trouble as beards! Yes! We want eyebrows! The eyebrow is one of the hallmarks of the breed.

At the same time, we DO want the dog to be able to see where she’s going – and we want to be able to see those gorgeous black eyes. Are we supposed to spend our whole lives trying to flatten eyebrows and brushing them out of the dog’s eyes?

Let’s start with the what we see from the front.

Nothing to say about this little fella – he’s a puppy and hasn’t grown enough length of hair to get grown-up brows out of yet. Hi cutie!

This is called a “fall”. Kerry Blue Terriers (on the right) have falls. Giant Schnauzers do not. As I said in the article on beards – if you want your dog to have a fall, go for it. Personally I’d at least do the sides as I talk about below so she can see where she’s going, but if you think a fall is cute, your dog will have a cute fall.

Here we have the two extremes. On the left, what groomers call the “It’s not a coated breed, right?” look. On the left, the “I can’t stand it. Hack it off” look.

Now let’s look at the head from the side.

We’ll start with the Bieber –

If only there was something designed for that –

the worst one for Minis, the Sunflower (think I’m kidding? There are STATUES!) –

and finally, the Bob? Is that you Bob? –

Part two of EYEBROWS